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    Web Service Problem!




      I'm creating a product selector, I've got a combo box filled with manufactorer names filled via a web service call.  Which works fine.


      Once the user selects the manufacturer, it then calls the next web service function to get a list of product to fill a data grid.  However, I get an error saying "Error opening URL", however, this is apart of the same web service as the last call.


      The code on combo box is:


      on (change)
      this._parent.getPhones_wsc.params = [this.selectedItem.MAKE];


      The trace statement supplies the correct item that was selected from the combo control, and when I trace the getPhones_wsc.params it returns the same as the selectedItem trace.


      I'm running coldfusion 8.1 developer version on a seperate server, which is running the flash too.


      As you may have noticed I am using AS2.0.  I know it's probably something stupid that I have forgot but I just can't see it, any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance



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          MaxManNH Level 2

          Are you sure your scope is correct?


          "this" would refer to the combobox


          but does "_parent" refer to the webservice object? It seems like it might not.

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            zombee Level 1

            You are quiet correct the "this" refers to the combo box, and I double checked that the "this._parent.getPhones_wsc" does indeed point to the web service connector!


            This same code works in other examples I have seen dottered around the net, however, I've never been able to get web services to work!


            I am about to give up, and scrap both Flash and web services altogether!  See if Silverlight will do any better!