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    RH 8 Link to external file not working

    Jack DeLand Level 1

      I am creating a link to a PDF using the RoboHelp 8 hyperlink dialog.  I can use any of the other options in the dialog (like mailto, etc.) just fine, but when I try the link jump in Webhelp it doesn't work.  Not only that, but the file does not save correctly, using either the Save or Save All icons - it saves a version of the file created when the link was not yet built, but the anchor text is there.  For example, if I use the text "Test," highlight it, and use the dialog to add the jump syntax, it adds it correctly, and you can verify this in code view or a text editor.  However, generate Webhelp from this file and - poof! - the jump syntax does not appear in the resulting file, just the word "Test."


      I can generate AIR Help using the same syntax, and the file saves fine, and the link works.  Same thing in HTMLHelp.  Plain old HTML in a browser works.  Any ideas as to what is going on, and is there a workaround?