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    slow to stop on vista


      It might just be me, and I'm just a complete lunatic, thinking that adobe premiere elements 2.0 likes to slow down to a stop on Vista.

      I am currently making a DVD project for one of my classes, and I have used Adobe Premiere elements 2.0 on my laptop computer. That computer was different, it was about a year and a half old, and ran windows xp. Being a laptop, it was slower, it was coming to it's end of it's life, and died on me about a two months ago. So I got a new computer, and was happy to finnally download my adobe elemnts 2.0 photoshop, and premiere on to the new Vista computer. However, they are now slow, but lets forget about photoshop, and talk about premiere:


      I love premiere elem 2.0. But it's so slow, to a craw, and finnaly either freezes when I press any button accoiated with "DVD". Then finnaly after about 3 hours of watching my mouse move across the screen super slow speeds, the DVD burner window pops up. (This has happened to me twice so far. 0_o) I leap in joy, and spend ten seconds on each button I press for my selection on what I want premiere elem 2.0 to do with the DVD. It then tells me that no burner drive is detected. (Does ZT computers come with a burner dirve?) So I proceed with saving it on my destop as a 4.7 folder. Assuming that premiere elem 2.0 hates me, I downloaded ImgBurn, to try to burn the VIDEO_TS onto a DVD so I can take it with me to school to present. Only except, ImgBurn, stops at 34% calculate, and I never get my DVD done.


      So.. any suggestions on what I should do to get adobe premiere elements 2.0 to burn the DVD directly?


      -Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, tell us all about your computer. The more detail, the better. Pay special attention to your hard drives, how they are used, their free space and their type and speed.


          Next, tell us all about your Project. Give specifics on your Assets, their format, CODEC's used, sizes (especially for stills), Duration and what Effects you might have used. If you need help getting specs on your Assets, download and install the freeware program, G-Spot. It will give you full details on all of your AV Assets. For still, you can get that from the Properties Panel in the your Project.


          Last, tell us about what other programs you have running all of the time. Going to Task Manager>Processes tab will give you a list of everything running. A screen-cap of that will help and save a lot of writing/typing. Within the list of programs, also make mention of any programs, like Nero, Roxio, etc. One of these could well be the cause that your burner is not being seen by PE. Let's address other issues first, but I think we can probably get your burner back.


          While you are gathering up this info, take a close look at the FAQ's on this forum. There are a lot of good tips on setting up a computer for NLE work, and also optimizing Vista. It seems a good OS, but needs some work, from its default installation.


          Good luck, and we'll all look over your info. There are probably a dozen places that someone can help you,



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            Kodebuster Level 3

            You need at least PE v3.0.2 to run with Vista.


            Any version before that will not be stable under Vista, and will only cause you heartache...