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    Freezing within DVD playback


      Having searched many forums for a solution to freezing on DVD playback (particularly with DVD players older than about 4 years) without success, I have isolated the issue to layer separation in Encore when building.

      The solution I have discovered to get around this is

      1. Create your video in Premiere Pro as normal.

      2. Export to hard drive using Adobe Media Encoder and set Multiplex to DVD, Bitrate encoding to CBR for better final quality.

      3. Import into Encore and create menus etc normally.

      4. Build as a DVD Image to your hard drive with the following settings, irrespective of your file size, set size to 4.7GB, this turns off the Layer break options. Then set size to "Custom"  then set custom size to slightly larger than you file. Make sure "side" is set to 1.

      5. Press "Build". This will build an *.iso file to your hard drive without a layer break being inserted.

      6. Import this file into DVD Shrink and shrink back to your hard drive as an *.iso file to fit a single layer DVD.

      7. Double click this file to automatically open and burn a DVD using Nero. Make sure burn speed is 4x or less.

      Good luck

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          Thanks for posting your solutions.


          I've found that three factors affect DVD playback most, and in this order:


          1.) choice of media - Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are highly recommended. Falcon gets good reviews, but is/was only available in US. Have never used it.

          2.) burn speed - slower is always better (as you point out). Luckily, Encore allows one to choose a slow burn speed, based on one's selection of media and also the capabilities of the burner. I always buy the slowest media, that Verbatim, or TY offer at the time. I want SLOW.

          3.) keeping the bit-rate at about 7MB/s. This one gets debated a bit, and many have never had an issue at 8MB/s - YMMV


          Now, my workflow is a tad different, as I always Export from PrPro as a DV-AVI Type II elemental stream (Video-only, no multiplexing obviously) and AC3 DD 5.1 SS Audio-only (or PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit, if I'm not doing 5.1 SS with the SurCode encoder). The DV-AVI is Imported into Encore as a Timeline, and the AC3 (or WAV) is Imported as an Asset. The Audio is dragged to the respective Timeline.


          Unless I have some real need for bit-budgeting, I let Encore Transcode on Automatic. Even if one uses the above Assets and requires bit-budgeting, you can still set up the Transcoding manually, or can Export from PrPro as an MPEG-2 with the necessary settings. I strongly recommend not using any muxed files as Assets in Encore. Some will work, but many just flat fail.


          So far, my method has yielded several hundred Projects with almost 2000 DVD's Burned. Not one has ever come back. Now, each Project gets checked with a DVD RW "test," and then the first DVD -R, or +R gets run through 5 different machines, plus the computer, before delivery, but still no returns, and some of my clients have some pretty old gear. For my testing, I use several brands of players and the models range from a pure esoteric down to a re-branded discount store cheapie. If it plays on all of these, I ship it out the door.


          Appreciate the posting of your workflow,