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    Help for link

      Hello, I need help for link a form with your topic. For example, if I´m in the login window an press F1 show me the help with the table of contents what explains the login window.

      pd: forgive me for my writing XD.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi RafaMV and welcome to the RH forums.

          What you want to do is set-up what is known as a Context Sensitive Help call. This is done in two parts. The first is the creation of a map file (normally performed by the author). This is where the topic to be opened is given a mapid. This mapid is then given to the developer who uses it to call the help from the application.

          This is general information. Exactly how you do the above depends on the type of output you are using and various other factors. If you let us know more detail we'll be able to help further.
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            RafaMV Level 1
            I am using Visual Studio 2008 and developed in c #, I could explain how to do it step by step
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              I was thinking more of what type of help output you are producing (e.g. CHM file, webhelp). I am not a developer so I no idea what the syntax would need to be for the API call.
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                RafaMV Level 1
                chm file
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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  1. Open your Project Pod.
                  2. Expand the Context Sensitive Help folder.
                  3. Right click on Map Files.
                  4. Click New Map File.
                  5. Give it a name.
                  6. Click OK.
                  7. Right click on All Map Files
                  8. Click Edit.
                  9. Select your map file in the Map File drop down list.
                  10. Click on the create mapid icon
                  11. Enter a topicid and number.
                  12. Click OK.
                  13. Select in in the Mapid list
                  14. Select the topic to opened in the topic list.
                  15. Click Assign.
                  16. Click Close.

                  You'll have to repeat steps 10 to 15 for each CSH call. Then compile and send your map file and CHM to the developer to code/test.

                  You may find that others work differently. I tend to manually edit the map file in Notepad and just add the mapid in the topic properties. It works for me!
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                    RafaMV Level 1
                    thanks for your help