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    How to stop video when user clicks to another part of timeline?




      Here's the page so far -http://www.gilbert.net.au/test/index2.html


      If you click Solo Entertainer, the panel flies in, and starts playing the video.


      When the user clicks one of the other menu items, the video from the previous panel keeps playing.  Also, if the user goes back to the video panel, and clicks play again, you get a second instance of video playing - so can hear two soundtracks.


      Here's a screenshot of my timeline so you can see how the flow works - the usaer clicks and actionscript jumps to a new motion tween on the timeline.  The last one named Gilbert contains the panel with video:




      So how do I ell actionscript - 'when you navigate away from the Gilbert motion tween, stop playing the video"?


      Also, when you insert a component, like this video one, where does Flash put the actionscript for the controls?