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    Newb with a newb question.


      So I just got my hands on Premiere Pro CS4. Was really excited to get to work on tinkering around. Problem is though, any video that I decide to import, the dimensions (width and length) are too big! I've tried multiple videos. Videos downloaded off of youtube, facebook, digital camera, avi files, mp4 files, etc. I currently have my projects set to Standard DV 48 khz. Any suggestions? I'll try to edit more details if asked.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Convert your source material to MS DV AVI type2 before importing into PR. PR hates non-editable material from esoteric sources like YouTube, Facebook, digital still cameras and the like. The alternative is to use consumer editing programs like WMM or Elements of Magix.

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            Johnzy123 Level 1

            Sounds simple enough. But one more question. Is there a way Premiere can do that or do I need to download some alternative software?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Premiere can not do that. Google for converters or look here: http://www.ojosoft.com/video-converters/index.html

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                Eddie Lotter Level 4

                See: FAQ:How do I convert my files?

                You will also find links to many free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Along with the suggestion to convert your esoteric footage to DV-AVI Type II (the native format/CODEC for all Premiere programs), you want your Project Sequences to match your input footage in all respects.


                  When you convert (always the best, even if PrPro can do some internal conversions) you will set your Sequence Presets to match you converted footage. For DV-AVI Type II, that's easy. The only real choices are whether you are in PAL or NTSC-land, and whether you wish to do a 5.1 Surround Sound Project. Note: to Export in DD 5.1 SS, you will need to purchase the SurCode plug-in, or all you'll get (after 3 free trials) is stereo. Everything else is taken care of for you.


                  Probably the first lesson to be learned with any NLE (Non Linear Editor) program is - CONVERT to what it works best with. The road to success is littered with the broken, battered bodies of screwy CODEC's and formats. Get them out of the way early, before you Import any footage into your NLE. You will have a much better experience if you follow that rule. Turn a deaf ear to anyone who says that they can edit DivX, Xvid, Indeo, Vivio, fill-in-the-blank, and just convert.


                  Good luck,




                  PS follow Eddie's link carefully. Bookmark it. As there are as many conversion programs, as there are formats/CODEC's to convert from, don't be shy about coming back with questions and be sure to ask for specific recommendations. While you're reading those links, go and get a copy of the freeware, G-Spot. Install it, and always run any AV file, that you did not create, or Capture from a miniDV tape camera over FireWire via PrPro, in it to get all of the useful info. You will use this tool almost as much as PrPro.