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    doc.MailForm() function and Lotus Notes

    AnjaDisseldorp Level 1

      I want to use the following script for sending data by e-mail but it does not work with Lotus Notes. Is that possible or have I done something wrong


      var cToAddr = "email@email.com";

      var cCCAddr = email2@email.com;


      //Set the subject and body text

      var cSubLine = "Uitnodiging Toekomst van de Business Professional retour";

      var cBody = "Hierbij het ingevulde formulier retour.\n" + "U kunt de e-mail bijlage opslaan vanuit uw verzonden box voor uw eigen administratie";


      // Send the form data as an FDF attachment on an e-mail

      this.mailForm({bUI: true, cTo: cToAddr, cCc: cCCAddr, cSubject: cSubline, CMsg: cBody});


      I hope that someone can explain why it isn't working. Thanks in advanced.