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    Embed AAE file to vbulletin?


      I am trying to embed my clip I have to my vbulletin forum. I want to put it in the header. I have exported it as a .mpeg4 extension. I also tried to export as .swf but when I do it just come out as a black screen. I even pess play and nothing happens. But in the .mpeg4 format it works fine. Can anyone help me step by step?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't quite follow. Playback of media content is dependent on the user having the respective plug-in on his browser and allowing it to begin with. Therefore MPEG-4 is not a particularly good idea. For a motion banner, you should use a FLV video embedded into an SWF file or do it in Flash to begin with. Both options require you to actually have Flash. Other than that I realyl don't see the use of such an overburdened banner. At latest when your forum gets busy, the extra bandwidth will cost you performance and therefore may cost you money when you exceed your provider's quota. in addition, it will be distracting to your forum visitors, so by all means, consider settling on a still banner or one you can create with a small animated GIF...



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            d1ey0u Level 1

            Well the file is only 4sec long and 120kb. I would think that would be small. So I have to export it as .swf?