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    Straightforward browser fix?


      I have made a flash site using CS4+dreamweaver 8, which displays fine on Macs, but among a few other more obscure browsers it will not display in I.E, even the newest versions. When tested i only see a blank page, but the .swf file seems to open on a pc alright from a usb drive so I think the problem must be with the .html file somehow.


      Is there a checklist/method I can use to check through the html file to see what's gone wrong? - I've only altered it a tiny bit (centred the video and added background).


      This must be something simple to correct surely!


      If this is any help here is the html file (background image is called line.gif, and video is mysiteNEWer.swf).



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you added the swf file to the page did you let Dreamweaver manage the coding for it?  If so, you may have better results if you let Flash publish an html file and copy/paste the embedding code from that into your html page.  The code Flash creates may incorporate an external js file, so be sure to copy that file to the server as well.

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            Rootle Level 1

            Well I made a new .html file in dreamweaver then added the changes to that copy, not the one created by flash, this is the flash-html file, it didnt seem to show anything wrong to me. js file - javascript file? - sorry im newish to flash things.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Does the file you included in your response work okay across the various browsers?  While I didn't see any content due to lack of the swf file, the code in the second file seemed more up-to-date.  It appears to have the javascript written into the page code itself, so the js file I mentioned that would usually have that code wouldn't be necessary.

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                Rootle Level 1

                It stil seems really patchy across some browsers, I've tried combining the flash-generated html file with the code I used to add the background etc, but I can't be sure i've done it right. I'm also unable to install flash player 10 on the only pc I have access to so I cant test it brilliantly myself.

                This is the current html and .swf in case that's the problem..

                Thanks for helping me with this, it seems so close to being ready but alas not