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    4.1 - still some way to go...

    blairhartley Level 1

      So I was excited about 4.1.  Like many others I've battled through the issues, worked around the work-arounds and hung on to the belief that Adobe would sort it out.  And much is improved... the faster load on large projects will save me months of thumb-twiddling.  And the re-instated still image export - welcome back!  And congratulations on all those new features... tho' sadly I'm not a Red user.  One day maybe.


      Lots of hard work went into this release I am sure.  But I am disappointed that no-one saw fit to fix time remapping.  I raised it as an issue - even got Adobe to acknowledge it was broken - and got a promise it would be fixed in the next release.  That was several months ago.


      FYI - if you've not seen it - drag in a bit of video, and time-remap it to - say - 50% speed.  Now add some opacity key frames within the clip to bring the opacity up and down.  Now play the sequence.  See what I mean?


      So it's back to the nested sequence work-arounds and just a little bit more of my faith in Adobe chipped away.