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    cfftp connection attribute issue

    apocalipsis19 Level 1

      Hi community!


      I am trying to extablish a secure FTP connection and my code is complaining about the attribute connection. I am really troubled since I need to specify a connection name to be able to reuse my connection again. This is my code:


      <cfftp action="open" connection="VeratadFtpConnection" fingerprint="#variables.fingerprint#" key=\\server\path\key.ppk passphrase="passphrase" secure="no" server="ftp.server.com" stoponerror="no" username="someuser">
      <cfcatch type="any">
        #cfcatch.Message#<br />
        #cfcatch.Detail#<br />
        #cfcatch.Type#<br />


      I'd appreciate any thoughts!