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    Attached Documnets couldnt be retrived after rendering the Form




      I am using a process in which I render a pdf form (as XDP) and use a exceuteScript service to retrive attachment form a Database as a BLOB.

      I have done required conversions of BLOB to com.adobe.idp.Document i.e Document Type and these  document is then uesd as attachment to create a Map of Documents as required in renderPDFForm operation.

      Now process runs fine and it renders a PDF which i saved to see the attachments being attached, on pin Symbol of Acrobat.


      But when i try to open or Save the attachment (just as a check) it gives a warning and doesnt allow me to do so.

      The warning shown is :

      "Adobe cannot open the file attachment because your PDF file attachment settings do not allow this

      file type to be opened" (when trying to open form Pin Symbol)

      Other warning when i select attachment and try to save it from PIN sysmbol is

      "You have selected a file that cannot be exported from acrobat".


      Kindly suggest as to what is the problem.