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    ability to open PDF in I.E. suddenly stopped


      With Internet Explorer running (and NO adobe products currently running) a click on a PDF icon gives the message "The adobe acrobat/reader that is running can not be used to view PDF files in a web browser. Adobe Acrobat/Reader version 8 or 9 is required.please try again" When I click the OK button in the error notice box a blank I.E. page shows up with "cannot display the webpage" at which point a blank screen of Acrobat 6 launches and the event is over. This started after updates were downloaded to the reader, previously there was never a problem opening PDFs. I can't do my work if I can't access these files on the Internet.



      System - XP Pro, SP3

      Pentium 4 @ 2.8 GHz

      1.25 GB Ram


      Reader 9.1.1 & Acrobat 6 currently installed and always have been. Both these will launch PDFs from the local drive without issue.



      HELP !

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          Res Ipsa

          I had the same issue. I found an answer on a link on this matter today. The suggestion was to uninstall Reader 9.1, or any other recent version, and install a prior version, 8.12, which apparently is the same as 8.1.2, you may see it referred to both ways. Just type in your web browser "download adobe reader 8.12" and you'll get a page of links. I chose one that referred to a free 8.12 download, or it may have said 8.1.2. It worked!


          Uninstall any current versions of Reader then install the 8.1.2. I didn't bother to reboot the computer before or after I installed it. I was receiving different error messages in Internet Explorer and Firefox before the new install. Now Reader works with both, as it did before. Hope this helps.