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    Changing GroupingField an SummaryField display

    Ventis85 Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      I'm currently working with an advanced datagrid. I have some objects in it (from an ArrayCollection of course) grouped on a certain field. One column however does not come from the dataprovider but holds an itemrenderer with an edit-button in it.

      2 problems:

      - the edit button also displays on the group-level. How do I only display it on the individual object-level?
      - I wish to display a checkbox on the group-level. How to do that? It would be nice (but not necessary) if the checkbox was in the same column as the edit button instead of a new column.

      I'm guessing that solving one of these problems will also have a solution for the other. I already tried using a rendererProvider for the summaryfield to display the checkbox on the group-level, but it's unclear how to do this with actionscript and it doesn't solve the edit-button problem.