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    ND Filter for Premiere Pro CS2

    rbrennan55 Level 1



      Does anyone know of a Neutral Density plug-in or a technique to bail me out of poor camera work.  My foot is of a VERY sunny day that the auto-iris could not handle and the brights are burning out the scene.


      Can anyone help?  I've used most of the filters with Pro CS2 but they really change the texture of the content.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Unfortunately, it's just not possible to recover detail in washed out highlights.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Jim is spot on with his reply.


            Something that might "help" the footage (only you can judge) is to place another instance of the Video on Video Track 2. This could also be just a Copy/Paste. Now, in your "dupe," experiment with both the Levels and Highligh & Shadow Effects on it. Note: do not use either of the Auto versions of these Effects. As you do your experiments, alter the Opacity of the "dupe" Clip and observe. Since you'll have at least 3 sets of variables going on, this might take some time. One could also experiment with Luma Curves, but start slowly with the Effects mentioned above.


            Good luck, be patient and I'd also take notes. Prepare to use Ctrl-z a bunch. Keep the History Panel handy at all times.


            Let us know if you can get something more usable.