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    Paragraph style creation/duplication

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      I want to create a style that initially has all the properties of the [Basic Paragraph] but NOT be based on that style.


      I started by using ParagraphStyles.Add and setting the .BasedOn property but coldn't find a way to make it NOT based on that style but keep the properties of that style, like the Paragraph Style Options dialog so handily does.


      So, I decided to duplicate the [Basic Paragraph] but now the shortcut associated with [Basic Paragraph] is also becoming associated with the new style and I don't see a way in the style options to remove the shortcut.


      Sooo, now I'm creating a temporary style, setting it's .BasedOn to [Basic Paragraph], duplicating that temp style for my new style and deleting the temp style.


      This seems to give the end result I need but also seems rather convaluted. Is there, possibly, an easier/better way?


      Many thanks,