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    Adobe Reader install issue


      Hello, so i am having an odd issue on one particular machine here when installing Adobe Reader 9.1 the install seems to go through however once installed and trying to just open Reader w\out a document I get "Internal Error Adobe Reader needs to close".  Sadly there isn't much more information in the message.  I have tried to uninstall and re-install with no joy.  Removed all temp files after uninstall and DL a new package re-installed same message.  I am however able to create another profile on the machine and it runs just fine so this tells me it's something with this particular profile - but setting up a new profile for this user is not an option. I may try to uninstall from the machine again remove any temp files, and search the registry for any Adobe Entries and remove - This user also has an Local Admin account on the machine so it shouldn't be a permission issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.