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    Transferring books from Windows to Mac


      I have been using DE/Windows on a virtual machine on my Mac in order to service my Sony eBook reader. I have now discovered and installed the OSX version of DE and would like to transfer all my purchases to the Mac desktop so that I no not have to bother with Windows in future. Can anyone talk me through the steps necessary to do the transfer?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Conceptually once you have authorized all of you DE instances with the same AdobeID, all you need to do to transfer content is to just copy .pdf and .epub files to the new computer.  However getting to that point has a few pitfalls that our suers are encountering.


          First and most important make sure the computer/VM where you have all of your content is Authorized with an AdobeID.  Selecting "Authorize Computer" from the Library Menu.  If you are authorized it will display your AdobeID.  If you are not authorized then a wizard will come up  to walk you through the process.  If you see a warning message about "Replacement Activation" DO NOT CONTINUE.  You will lose all of your content until you walk through our web support system (this is painful for everybody).  Instead just create a new Adobe ID and use that.


          After that, then make sure that when asked to activate DE that you are using the same AdobeID for all of your copies, and you will be able to copy your files (permissions allowing) around to all of your authorized computers and devices

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            mmevans Level 1



            Thanks for this helpful outline. I have made progress and simply copied across the library from the Windows DE to the Mac DE. Fortunately, both versions are on the same computer and DE recognised the Mac version as authorised. All well, so far. However, I have realised that the Mac version of DE does not recognise the Sony Reader. Although the Reader is mounted, it does not appear in the sidebar of DE and I cannot see a way of forcing this.


            I can see the file structure on the Sony Reader from the Mac, so I presume I could simply copy the required files across. But I will need to experiment when I have some new books. Incidentally, I checked and the Sony still claims NOT to be Mac compatible, despite the fact that it mounts like any other remote volume. It would seem to be a simple thing to fix--to get the Reader appearing in the DE sidebar--so maybe I am missing something.

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              On Windows Sony provides a driver for ADE to transfer content to the Sony Readers.  On Mac we don't have the driver, so the Sony Readers don't show up.


              The workaround as you noted is that once you have the Sony Reader authorized with the same AdobeID that you can just copy files using the Finder.  However this will not work with content you acquire from Libraries.  For that you will need to you a Windows installation of ADE.