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    What would be the better approach at showing a course is complete?


      (OT: I'm being evlauated to do some online software simulations using Captivate so I'm trying to merge my Authorware "thinking" with Captivate)


      I have a 14 slide simulation; task to edit preference files. Scoring is not necessary but getting to slide 14 is all that is necessary.


      Presently I have a click object on slide 13 whose reporting options is "Include in Quiz" with adding 1 point.


      So I have a course with Objective ID=Quiz10111 Interaction ID=Interaction11184 and a score of 1.

      But I also note in the reporting preferences I could use "Slide views only." So maybe this is all that is necessary?


      I'm not that savy (yet) with LMS's but if I wanted to write this data out as a tab delimited file on the hosting server what should I consider? Authorware had a function "WriteExtFIle." Would a button on the last slide set to execute Javascript be a better approach?


      Another idea looking for a point of view. If I get the project I am considering a 2 month contract Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro to get more confortable with this approach. Would this help?


      FYI...I just downloaded the Captivate 4 manual. Last modified on May 19th according to the doscument.