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    Mini Flash Streamer (Shoutcast) IP issue

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      I've created this flawless working shoutcast streaming flash player, its memory bug leak free and just works great.  But we hit one issue!  First I need to state that this will be a widget on facebook and myspace so users can stream, but the problem is our logs are not showing the clients ip but our streaming servers ip.  We need to be able to have the users ip instead of the servers ip, any idea? i.e shoutcast is not showing the streaming users ip... and we need it so we have unique connection etc..

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          OK, I honestly have no idea, but from my web experience in general, I would say the streaming servers are somehow intercepting (and storing, I'll bet) the client IP adresses, and it really has nothing to do with flash. There's probably some way of retrieving them directly from the servers, but I have no idea how since I don't generally work with server-side stuff.

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            sure u can receive the client-ip's

            if u have unix server and shoutcast on it so make a cronjob that executes every x time a php-script, with a shoutcast.admin.class in it, where erverything is stored, even the song-history, from there u can extract the data what u need and save it in a mysql db


            from Flash eg. AS hmm... are there HTTP WebRequests useful to get the data directly from the servers admin.cgi?sid=X ?