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    Lost data after adding source folder


      I am wondering if anyone else has run into this issue:


      Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.7)

      Flex Builder 3
      Version: 3.0.214193


      1.  Create a folder somewhere with a file in it that you don't mind losing.

      2.  Create an ActionScript project in Flex (this might be the case for other kinds of projects but I am not sure yet)

      3.  Right click on the project and go to the properties for the project

      4.  Select ActionScript Build Path from the list on the left

      5.  In the source path tab, click add folder and add the folder you created in step 1

      6.  Click ok to close the properties

      7.  Navigate to the folder from step 1


      Actual:  The file in the folder is now gone


      Expected:  Flex should not delete the data in the directory!!!


      Now imagine that this was a folder that you actually cared about with a ton of data in it!!!!


      So this is either a bug or there should be a serious warning when you do this.  It does not seem right that Flex would delete the contents of this folder!  Why?  I imagine someone else has run across this and I apologize if this has already come up but I did a quick search of the forums and did not see this. There was a similar bug with the installer where it deleted files in the selected install directory but this is a little different.  I am lucky I did a Time Machine back up a few hours before but I still lost several hours of work and I am NOT happy.