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    I keep losing my aduio?


      I create a new composition, but when dragging and dropping a video file onto it the sound seems to not be arriving in the composition with the video.

      It was all working fine earlier, but now when dropping on a video file It only adds just video.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          James: Unlike video editing applications, After Effects doesn't really let you to take only audio/video when dragging a clip to the timeline. You just turn off the audio by disabling the little speaker swtich. So, this is not what's going on.


          But, also unlike editing applications, you don't get real time audio (or video) playback when you press the spacebar. You have to either invoke and play a RAM preview (numeric keypad 0), or play a real time audio preview (numeric keypad "."). If you don't get audio when you do that, something is wrong with how your audio hardware is set-up, or maybe you have a video clip with muxed audio (as is the case in some MPEG files).

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            The question is, did you use the same settings when filming? From your other thread I gather that these come from a certain camera, and since many cameras offer multiple audio tracks, you may accidentally have shifted from 1&2 to 3&4 and AE cannot see those. Or you have choosen to use a multiplexed stream instead of a sepoarate one. Or you have switched these settings in your capture tool. Could be a number of things. Do the files play properly after capture or pre-processing in whatever tools you do that?



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              jameswales Level 1

              The camera doesn't really come into it because I am not importing from it. It's a .mov file that is just stored on my desktop, I uploaded it from my camera about a year ago and it has been sitting there!

              The sound was fine earlier today, but then since lunch I can see the audio when importing it into AE, but when dragging it into the composition it seems to dissapear, and likewise isn't present after rendering or exporting. The audio sinewaves also vanish from the little preview box in the top left corner.


              It's driving me nuts! I have a project for a cline that needs to be completed for Monday

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Did you run any applications that had to do with audio and may potentially have affected settings? Are there perhaps concurrent apps running at the same time? What system are you on, anyway? And not to state the obvious: Have you restarted the computer? This might just be a temporary gremlin glitch...



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                  jameswales Level 1

                  I have done all of the above but wthout luck.


                  Let me describe what I do stroke by stroke:


                  .Click 'composition' and then 'new compostition'

                  . Within the 'composition settings' window I have: PRESET: custom, WIDTH: 180pc, HEIGHT: 400px (this is the size that the client wants the video), PIXEL ASPECT RATIO: D1/DV pal (1.09 - I am in the UK), FRAME RATE: 25 per second, RESOLUTION: full, Duration: 2:30 (this is the length of the video)

                  .Click 'ok'

                  .Click 'File', 'Import' , 'Multiple Files'

                  . I then add my 2 files, a picture and my .Mov video file,

                  . A box appears called 'Interpret Footage'.  I have the Alpha set to 'Straight - unmatted'.

                  .Click 'ok'

                  . I then drag my picture over and drop it into the composition preview, resizing it to fit

                  .I then click once on my video file, and in the tiny preview box under the 'Project' tab can see my video with the audio wave underneath.

                  .I place this over the picture (chromakeying will eventually take place here), and resize it to fit

                  . Now, if I click and hlighlight 'Comp1' again, with my 2 files underneath it in the list, the small preview box under the 'projects' tab shows my composition as it appears in the main window, but the audio waves have vanished, and don't play if rendered or exporded.


                  It's slowly driving my crazy, I was up for 21 hours yesterday trying to sort it, and have spent a further ten today. Any suggestions guys?


                  I have the audio enabled in the timeline etc, and it was working fine for a short period today. Wonder what I am doing wrong!

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                    Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                    What version of AE are you using, James?

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                      Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                      Also, do you have a WAV or AIFF file at hand?

                      What happens if you import such a file into your Composition?