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    Installation Issues


      I am trying to learn the FLEX 2.01 application.  I have been following the lessons on Lynda.com and have run into an issue that I cannot resolve.  I cannot install the CFEclipse module into FLEX BUILDER 2.01 on a Windows Vista machine.  I get the error message: "The selected wizard could not be started.  Reason: Plug-in org.cfeclipse.cfml was unable to load class org.cfeclipse.cfml.wizards.NewCFEclipseProject."


      So I tried the other route of downloading the ECLIPSE 3.4.2 SDK and installing the FLEX BUILDER 2.01 into that as a plugin.


      When attempting this when I get to the screen to enter the path to Eclipse 3.1 or greater I get the error message: "Folder must contain eclipse.exe and directory called 'Configuration'".


      Is there a simple setting that I am missing?