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    Premiere elements crashes when burning a DVD

    DabbsyJ Level 1

      I'm trying to burn a slide show I've created.  It's a mixture of photoshop elements photo slideshow and edited videos, about 30 minutes long.

      But every time I try and burn it to DVD, premiere elements crashes.  It generally gets to about 30% through the encoding media stage.


      Has anyone else come across this problem?  I thought it might be related to virtual memory, but I've increased this, and it's not had an effect.  I'm running it on a laptop with 4Gb RAM, so RAM shouldn't hopefully be a problem.


      When trying to burn, i've also tried to reduce the quality so instead of using "Fit contents to available space" I've reduced the bit rate down to 5Mbps so the space required is just over 1.2Gb (it was originally about 2Gb).


      Has anyone any suggestions as to how to resolve / diagnose this problem.


      I've burnt several DVDs before without any problems, although they were mainly just photos


      Thanks in advance


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          The first two things that I'd look into would be:


          1.) size of you Assets. Starting with still image no larger than 1000x750 is highly advised. There's a lot more work to zero benefit from working with anything larger in SD Projects and you're in SD since you're going to DVD.


          2.) your degragmented free space on your HDD's. Large files have to be written to HDD, for the Transcoding process. Much larger than most folk imagine.


          Then, in the FAQ's, Steve Grisetti has given some very good, general suggestions for "tuning up," one's system. They are all worth incorporating.


          My #3 was going to be the Page File, but you're ahead of me on that one.


          With a Duration of 00:30:00:00, you should have not trouble fitting this Project onto a DVD-5 at the highest bit-rate.


          Good luck, and let us know how it goes,



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            Kodebuster Level 3

            Besides photos, which Hunt addressed, you also mentioned video assets.


            Where did these videos come from (Handycam, Camera, the Web, etc.) and what type are they.


            Laptops are not your best bet, CPU power wise, for intense editing and encoding to DVD, but it can be done if your assets are in a format that PE has an easier time handling. (DV-AVI for video, and photos no larger than 1000x750)...

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              DabbsyJ Level 1

              Thanks for the advice.  My photos are quite a bit larger than 1000 x 750, so that would be worth a play.

              Is there an easy way of reducing about 100 photos down to this size or do I have to do it one by one?

              The photos came from a camera (.jpg format) and the videos came from a digital video camera (Panasonic HDD - .avi format)




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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The easiest way to do this is with Photoshop (PS). I'm certain that PSElements can do it well also, but do not know what might be different. This is for Photoshop.


                Place copies of your files into a folder. I use copies because I do not want anything to happen to my originals and play it extra safe. Add a sub-folder. I name mine something like "Final_PSD's,) etc. In PS, I have a series of Actions, to re-size to my common video formats. They are named things like, NTSC_Wide, NTSC_4-3, etc. The Action is set to Open the files, then change the size to the appropriate dimensions and assign the correct PAR for that Project, such as my NTSC_4-3 gets a PAR of 0.9. The Action then does a Save_As. I keep .PSD's as .PSD's, but JPEG would work well too.


                In PS, I go to File>Automate>Batch Process. This brings up a dialog screen, where I choose the Action that I want to run, NTSC-4-3 in this case. I direct the program to the Source Folder and the appropriate Destination Folder, my "Final_PSD's" in this case. If I have the sub-folder targeted for the Destination Folder, I leave the file naming conventions the same. I check Bypass Open command, as I do not need to see the work being done. Check over everything. Hit OK, and in a few minutes, I can re-size hundreds of files. Time will depend on one's system, and also on the size of the Target Files.


                I feel that there WILL be differences in PSE, but someone else will have to fill in that info. It has also been pointed out that the freeware image processor and cataloging program Irfanview cand do batch re-sizing quite well. This might be an option. I do not use it for such, so I cannot comment.


                Good luck,



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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >Panasonic HDD - .avi format


                  Use the FREE http://www.headbands.com/gspot to find the codec in that AVI file


                  Since you say it came from a HDD (hard disk drive?) camera, I seriously doubt that it is a DV AVI Type 2 file - it is more likely some type of compressed file that does not edit well in PE

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                    DabbsyJ Level 1

                    By the way, where are the  FAQ's - I've seen a few posts saying FAQs at the top, but I can't see them.

                    I've also found a few notes saying to go to FAQ at a url, but this just redirects me to http://forums.adobe.com/index.jspa where I can't find any Premiere Elements FAQs.

                    Sorry if I'm just being thick here

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Before the forum changeover, they were at the top of the old main page. As John points out, they have moved to the right, and the link isn't as bold, as it used to be. Also, with the changeover, many of the FAQ's were lost. Steve Grisetti is rebuilding them, but it's taking some time to gather up all the old material.


                      Until they are re-done, most of the info is also contained in the FAQ's on Muvipix. The "Community" (basically the forums) is free. You can access more, if you sign up, and can also purchase the premium functional content. For a subscription, you can access and download everything for free, plus post to your private "gallery."


                      Good luck,



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