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    PDF Generator features - HTML Conversion




      I apologize if I'm not putting this question in the right spot, but I was looking into getting LiveCycle, but I'd like to know more about the PDF Generator's HTML to PDF conversion (After looking through the documentation, I couldn't specifically find the answer); I'm comparing a few solutions to try and meet our requirements:


      The most important requirement that we have is that the solution we set up as a web service can convert various files that are user uploaded into PDFs, consolidate them with HTML that we convert to PDF, and then give it all to the user in a single file. For the HTML to PDF conversion, we need the solution to be able to handle various styling that we throw at it, which leads to my questions:


      • Does LiveCycle PDF Generator support CSS styling (Internally and/or externally) when it converts HTML into a PDF?
        • Are there any HTML / CSS elements or attributes that it can't handle?
      • Can it merge PDFs together, or does it at least have an automated way to using other Adobe software?


      Any direction on these points would really help.


      Thanks a lot,