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    Adobe Reader opens PDF on second page . This happens randomly.


      We are havign random issue with adobe pdf opening in the reader on second page.


      This happens very randomly.


      My pdf has a few fields. Javascript is written on page 1. So whenever the pdf opens on page 1, the javascript is called and it populates values in some fields.


      I have checked my adobe client preferences,  "Restore last view ...." setting is unchecked.


      Also each time I launch the pdf, the pdf has a different name (pdf name is appended with date-time). But still randomly it opens the PDF on second page, hence the javascript does not get called. If I scroll from page 2 to page 1, it then calls the javascript which then populates the fields. But if we stay on second page then no fields are populated.


      This is very random, I was not able to get a pattern. But everytime I open the pdf it is a new pdf file name.


      Please help. Thanks in advance