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    4.1 and Vista 64 service pack 2

    tclark513 Level 3

      Can anybody tell me if 4.1 is playing nice with Vista 64 bit Service pack 2?



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          TradeWind Level 3

          Yep...works just fine for me.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            No problems here and - most importantly - a noticeable performance increase, both with SP2 and with PR 4.1.0.


            On the PassMark 7.0 system benchmark I noticed a performance increase of around 2.5 to 3% from SP2.


            My system ranks 2-nd when highly overclocked to 4.2 GHz and tuned for performance, ranks 7-th with medium overclocking to 4.0 GHz with limited performance tuning (both with SP1) and ranks 12-th with slight overclocking to 3.6 GHz with SP2 and no optimizations, ready for editing with all utilities loaded and nothing turned off.


            RankPassMark 7.0 System ScoreCPU Clock Speed MHzSP ?
            11 (removed)4044,13840SP1
            124014,x (Does not yet show and I did not save the results)3612SP2


            As you can see, the difference between SP1 and SP2 is telling. Less overclocking and still around the same score. On my notebook I experienced similar results. With SP1 the PassMark score was 790 and with SP2 the result was 830, a difference of 5%.


            Loading projects with PR seems to have speeded up as well. I have no benchmark results, but loading a HDV project with 1:35 hours of source material, a 30 minute timeline and 17 AE comps, 100+ clips and miscellaneous pictures and sound files loads within 4 seconds.


            All in all, both worth to install.