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    Batch Process White Balance From Bridge/ACR?

    amoncur Level 1

      Here's what I want to do:


      1. Open Bridge
      2. Use Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor
      3. Set ACR white balance to be used on all files being processed from Bridge
      4. Save to JPEG



      I can do 1, 2, and 4.  When the Image Processor window opens it gives me a checkbox option that says, "Open first image to apply settings".  I assumed this meant I could open the first image in ACR (via Image Processor), adjust the white balance settings (and any other ACR settings I want), and then have those settings applied to the rest of the images that are processed.  However, when I do this, the ACR settings are applied only to the first image, none of the others.  Is there a way to apply the ACR settings I create on that first image to the rest of the images?