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    Exporting multiple comps? - Probably easy to answer


      Hi all.


      I am not that experienced in After Effects so this is maybe easy to answer.


      I wan't to make a long movie with multiple scenes. I don't want to make all the scenes in a single timeline (too confusing) so I make each scene as a composition in the same project. But when I try to export, I can only export a single composition in the project and not all the compositions in order. Is it true then that I have to export all the compositions in After Effects and then put them together into a single film in Premiere? Or is there a way to export all the compositions as a single film in After Effects?


      It's quite important that the aspect ratio, pixel size and PAL is right, so if I can avoid putting my work into another program, I would like to. I am afraid that Premiere might change the aspect ratio or something like that. But this is maybe the way to do it?


      Thanks a lot!

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          A. Cobb Level 3

          Two things:


          1) Make sure you are using the Render Queue to render your comps, and not Export.


          2) You can use your comps as layers in another comp, which will allow you edit your piece together entirely in AE is you so desire.  AE isn't necessarily the most elegant tool for this purpose, but it is capable of doing the job.

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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            Select all your compositions in the Project panel. Then drag & drop them on the "new composition icon" or go to "File > new comp from selection".


            In the popup dialog, select "Single Composition", check "Sequence layer" (do not check Overlap), and you can check "add to render queue" so when you clic "ok" you will be directly taken to your render queue.


            Hope that helps,



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              SorenJulies Level 1

              Thanks, I tried it and yes, it does what I wanted it to do.


              But oh god! My 25 sec avi was 1,4GB! Wow, hopefully I can always change the rendering settings in After Effects and get a file less big, right? Christ I had no idea a short movie like that could get so big. I don't know what I did wrong, but I assume that I can always try different rendering settings after I have produced the whole movie and wants to render it all?


              And by the way ... thanks for the advice about render the whole movie in AE - but do you have any recommendations? Are there advantages to put all the single scenes into Premiere and make the whole movie from there? I have never tried it and have no idea whether or not this will be better for the final product.


              Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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                yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                Well the only advantage to render separatly every comp and import them into Premiere woud be if you needed editing, but that doesn't seems to be the case.


                If your avi file is 1,4gb i guess that you used the default Output module wich is uncompressed avi, and this won't be you format of choice for broadcasting it.


                But having an uncompressed version of your short is always a good idea, because now you can import it in AE and export it to test out different render settings (i recommend you h264, or mpg2 if you plan a dvd). Of course you could do that with your original comp, but it's faster for AE to render from a rendered uncompressed source, than to re-render every layer and effects from your compositions.


                And don't forget that you can save even more time by adding in your render queue item several output modules, so AE will render once every frame and write them into several formats. More info about this on this help page.


                Hope that helps.

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