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    The 4.1 games begin...

    shooternz Level 6

      Taking a deep breath first....



      Can someone explain how to export a frame "that bypasses the AME Render Queue"?


      If it does ...it  certainly does not export it and link it back to the project bin.


      How hard was that to fix to what we all wanted!

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          Keith_Andrews Level 1

          I'm not sure I follow.  Place your timeline cursor on the frame you want to export in the timeline, or cue up the frame you want in the source window. Select File - Export - Media.  The export dialogue box appears.  You choose either TIFF, or TARGA from the Format pulldown selector.  Adjust any settings necessary in the Filters/Video/Others window and hit OK.  The next window is your save to destination box.  Simple as that.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            For clarification does this also Import the Exported still into the Project Panel, or is there a checkbox to do this. It used to be a "feature" in previoud versions, so that any Export could be Imported in the same operation. Way back, it was ON by default. Is that possible, or does one then need to navigate to the Destination folder and do a separate Import.


            I think that is Craig's question,



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              Keith_Andrews Level 1

              I just checked everything again, from editing preferences, to AME and in the export settings dialogue box.  There is no option as far as I can see that places the exported file directly into the project window after export, even if you choose a custom preset. I even checked the hidden pulldown to the right of the Filter/Video/Others settings.  I do remember this feature in previous versions.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Dang, that "feature" used to get in my way, if I forgot to uncheck it, except for the Export>Still. I think that Adobe missed this one a bit. Well, except for the additional Import from the destination folder aspect, it good to see this one back. Maybe CS5?


                Thank you for testing and reporting. I have a sneaky feeling that it is not what Craig wanted to hear. I also doubt that he'll be alone.



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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Quoting Sheri Codiana


                  New in this release


                  • Additional support for REDCODE (please visit RED support for additional details).
                  • Performance improvements to project load time.
                  • Improvements to AVCHD support.
                  • Performance enhancements for DV/HDV playback.
                  • Support for Avid captured DV or IMX footage. (Please see www.adobe.com/go/kb409079 for additional information).
                  • Export media to a still format now bypasses the AME render queue.
                  • Enabled .VOB extension support.
                  • Third-party support




                  Seems that you have confirmed for me that it does not do this...nor does it link  the still frame into the Project

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                    don solomon Level 1

                    Tecnically it bypasses the queue.  But, you have to go to AME.  Yes, that it doesn't put it back in as an asset is just plain primitive.  You'll have to look hard to find another pro level NLE that won't automatically make it an asset.  I suppose it you have a lot of things lined up in the queue, that this is a bit of an improvement.

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                      Keith_Andrews Level 1

                      The export function within Premiere operates quite literally, meaning you are exporting something out of Premiere.  I understand in the past you could choose to have the exported file appear inside the project window for further manipulation, but I feel it is completely uneccessary at this point and I feel they probably did away with this behavior because of Dynamic Link.


                      First, when you export a still from Premiere it does so without going into the render queue, as stated by Sheri.  The render queue is the window within AME that shows you what file is queued up for rendering and then requires you to hit "Start Queue" in order for it to begin.  The export still feature does not require you to do this any more, therefor bypassing the render queue.


                      Second, if you want to have a still image within your project simply mark an in point in the video clip where the image exists, drag that clip to the timeline and use the "Frame Hold" function by right clicking on the video clip.  Choose "In Point" and now you have the still image you wanted in your project.


                      More information on this feature is available here: