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    AVCHD and 4.1 Update!

    Keith_Andrews Level 1

      Hats off to Adobe for finally coming through and polishing the decoding for AVCHD.  I knew all the issues we were having with the 21mbps footage couldn't be totally blamed on the performance of our systems, especially since players like VLC were able to playback the AVCHD footage smoothly.


      I'm running a Q6600 Quad, OC'd to 3Ghz with 8GB RAM, WD Raptors onboard and an Nvidia Quadro FX1700 and couldn't get any footage from my AG-HMC150 shot over 17mbps to playback smoothly within 4.0.1.  Now with the 4.1 update I can scrub through 21mbps footage like DV.


      I know we had to wait a while for the update, but I'm glad they didn't rush it and do some hack job, considering the update actually makes editing AVCHD that much more intuitive and efficient.  Looks like we have a winner in my book!