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    Understanding the basics


      You know you are in trouble when you cannot complete step #2 of a tutorial.  The good news is I understand all the AS3 code, I am a programmer by trade.


      The tutorial in question is Build a Dynamic Flash Gallery with Slider Controland I am stuck on creating the movies in step 2.  I did go through a more basic tutorial on Adobe's web site and know that I can turn a tool, like the rectangler tool, into a Movie Clip.  But I don't know exactly how the author got to the screens shown in step 2.  Did he create that from the Rectangler Tool or did he do something else?


      While I wait an answer to this very basic question, I am going to be going through more tutorials from this page, thanks!



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We all learn our own ways of doing things, so I'll share what I'd do... Draw the two shapes involved for the slider control separately (see step 4, use rounded corners if you care about it looking rounded).  Select one of the shapes you just drew and choose from the following... 1) right click it->select Convert To Symbol OR 2) click F8 OR 3) select Modify -> Convert To Symbol.  That interface you can't find should be there now.


          Be wary of just about any Flash tutorial... there's tons of them out there, but not tons of people who know how to create them well.  I'm not trying to put this one down, but step 2 would have had me perplexed wondering what a slider and a handle were if I didn't know from experience.

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            ehcarleton Level 1

            Thank you!

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              Michael Borbor Level 4

              Download the source files and see what this guy is meaning with the step 2

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                ehcarleton Level 1

                I am looking at his source code and one thing I am trying to figure out now is how he did the nice 3d shading in the slider and in the image box. I am also trying to figure out how he combined the text "Loading" with the rectangle to make the img object.


                I know what is going on, I am totally missing some real basics, how to combine shapes together to make more complex shapes, or at least that is what I think I am missing.  My main problem is I don't know what this stuff is called in Flash, so I don't know what to look up.  If someone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it!



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                  Michael Borbor Level 4

                  if you're a programmer go with Flex Builder it'll be more suited for you.

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                    ehcarleton Level 1

                    Oh, I know I should be in the Flex world, not Flash world, but I actually own Flash, I don't own the Flex development enviornment.  So I am opting to use what I own rather than spend money I cannot afford to spend

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                      Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The shading I think he used is simply via the colors palette.  The drop list there lets you select the type of fill... solid, linear gradient, radial gradient, bitmap.


                      Shading and shaodws can be added to movieclips, buttons and some other objects using the properties panel.  You should see three tabs there, one of which is Filters.  You can use that to add bevels and shadows and blurs and other stuff.

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                        ehcarleton Level 1

                        Yea, I have been going through some more tutorials and the basics are starting to make a lot more sence now, like how to do the gradient, thank you!


                        I have been able to progress quite far in the original tutorial.  I am in Step #11 now.  But when I went to step into the code, I ran into a problem that stems from the brevity of step #6.  I am getting this error when I try to run the movie:


                        Description: 1120: Access of undefined property descr.
                        Source: descr.text = src;


                        In step six the instructions are:


                        "Start off with creating a movieclip about the size you want your images to be displayed. Give it a margin of a few pixels and save some space on the bottom for the description text. Add a dynamic text field for the description and give it an instance name of 'descr'."


                        Based on what I have learned about Flash, I created my own rectangle using the Rectangle Primitive Tool and then created a dynamic text field on the rectangle.  Then I selected both things and created a movie clip (F8) of them.  It was after the fact I give the dynamic text field the instance name of 'descr'.  But it does have a name now.


                        I have tried to go into the author's source code and look at the dynamic text on his Img movie clip, but I cannot select the dynamic text in his Img movie clip.  (Yes, I am going to the Library and double clicking on the Img item.)


                        There is one of two problems:


                        1: I did not create my movie clip correctly.
                        2: I do not have my Img object using the Img.cs file correctly.


                        I believe it is #1 because I don't think I would get the error if #2 was the issue, for the error is in the file and I would not get the compiler error to begin with, I think


                        Any help would be appreciated!




                        P.S. I am attaching what I have done so far.

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                          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I think there's something screwy going on with the file upload feature.  This is the second zip attachment today that has been reported as being empty, though the file size would indicate it couldn't be.  At least I hope it's something screwy there, and not something my machine picked up!


                          I may see if I can track down whatever thru the tutorial, to see if the textfield should be part of the mc or not.  That code you showed as the source would be looking for that descr textfield in the timeline it's sitting in, so if that code isn't inside the movieclip, then that's the source of the problem, and moving the descr out of the mc would solve it.


                          I just saw that this tutorial is using class files, so I'll give you fair warning... you probably know more about them than I do at the moment.  But I may still be able to wade thru some of this with you.