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    PE7 keeps adding video tracks...


      Hi all!


      First post here so please bear with me!


      I have been editing with Pinnacle Liquid Edition for several years and also have some experience with Final Cut Pro. I wanted a smll editing package for my home PC and selected PE7.


      After installing it I notice that I cannot add a clip to track 1. If I start in the Sceneline, everytime I send something to the timeline it goes to a new track (see attachment), starting with track 2 and going up from there. I also notice that if I sit there long enough, the entire clip bin will end up on a single video track, usually Track 2 from memory. As well as this, if I add the clip from the rack straight to the timeline, it will invent a random track, irrespective of how many other video tracks there might be between it and track 1. I just tried it and the first clip I entered went onto track 6.


      Obviously I'm doing something wrong or have an incorrect setting.


      Any help appreciated!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, welcome to the PE forum.


          Next, welcome to PE.


          My first guess would be that your Assets have 5.1 SS Audio. This can cause similar behavior to what you describe.


          Tell us a bit more about your Project (the Preset), and then your Assets. You camera will help, as will all details on your files, both Video and Audio.


          With this information, others can help explain why some things might be, as they are, plus give you direct input on how to modify things to suit your needs and desires. Remember, the more details that you can provide, the easier it will be for someone to give you quick assistance.


          Good luck,



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            Kreppa Level 1

            Thanks for your prompt reply.


            Yes: the audio tracks are 5.1 and the camera was a Sony SR7 HDD camera. The 5.1 is displayed at the head of the audio tracks. The original vision was shot in SD as it was just a basic "proof of concept" thing. We were able to do this quite successfully in Final Cut but we had to use a wrapper. Of course PE7 doesn't need it but I'm wondering if the import settings in the wrapper dropped the audio back to stereo.


            This project is, like the FCP version, simply a proof of concept for me on my home PC. I just want basic stereo. I'm not planning to do anything elaborate with it just yet.

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              As Hunt says it sounds like a 5.1 audio "thing"... which project preset did you select at the start up splash screen when you started PE7? You mention standard definition... all the SD project presets are stereo so a 5.1 audio track video would be added to track 4 of the timeline. PE7 "reserves" the first 3 tracks for the audio format of the chosen project preset. So for a stereo project preset the first three tracks would be stereo... if you added a stereo clip it would go to track 1... if you add a 5.1 audio track it would go to track 4. And vice-versa if you started with a project preset that was 5.1 audio. Also note that in Sceneline mode you will not see these higher tracks if you have a mixed audio project... so you would have to woek in the more flexible Timeline mode.


              As I mentioned in PE7 all the standard definition projects are stereo, the only 5.1 audio project presets are the high definition AVCHD project presets... which of course are not suitable for a SD project. If you use 5.1 audio in a SD project you can right click on the timeline and select Delete Empty Tracks.. this will delete tracks 2 and 3 to "tidy up" your Timeline view. However track 1 wil not be deleted.


              Not sure what is really happening with all these multiple tracks that are being generated. Try to drag the 5.1 audio clips all to the same track... you should be able to.

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                Kreppa Level 1

                Thanks Paul.


                I think there's some confusion here. I probably should have said that my tracks are not going to Video 1 and Audio 1. They go to Video 2 and Audio 2 and it sort of escalates from there. I attached a couple of screen caps to show you what I mean (a picture, as they say...).


                As you say, the sceneline isn't the best way to work anyway but it does provide the facility for clip trimming with some accuracy. However, it was this mode which sort of brought the matter to my attention. I put in one track then went to put in a second and noticed that it didn't seem to go in. I put in a third, fourth and a fifth* before I switched over to the timeline and saw each track staggered above the one before it.


                I don't know what project preset I used when the startup splash screen came up. Is there a way to change it? I'd at least like to know the options and possibly change them before I wipe the project - no biggie - and start all over again.


                If anyone can give me a good idea of how to setup the workspace I'd be extremely grateful too. I'd like to have a bit more control over what I'm doing.


                *Scotch anyone?

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                  Paul_LS Level 4

                  Unfortunately your pictures you added aren't showing.


                  To set the project preset, at the start up screen select New Project then at the bottom of the window that opens select Change Settings... here you can select the project preset to match your media. I think if you start a new project and just work in the Timeline view you shouldn't have any problems. Adding multiple clips to the same "box" in Sceneline view can stack the clips in the Timeline view.

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                    Kreppa Level 1

                    I had a look at that but I don't know what the best settings would be for a HDD camera shooting MPEG2. I presume DV and 48 kHz.


                    If I'm going to work in the timeline, how do I mark in and out points? The keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work. I'm used to using spacebar for play/pause, i for in, o for out and j, k, and l for play backwards stop and forwards, as per Avid practice.


                    The pictures are shoing as "queued" at my end...


                    Thanks for your persistence with this.

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                      Paul_LS Level 4

                      NO you do not want the DV project preset... this assumes lower field first video. Your MPEG2 files with be upper field first. You need to use the "Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders" project preset.

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                        Kreppa Level 1

                        Okay, we're getting close but it's still adding tracks whichever way I do it. It definitely doesn't go into Video 1 / Audio 1.

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          What track is your video going to?

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                            Paul_LS Level 4

                            If it is 5.1 audio it will always go to track 4 in a non-5.1 audio project... and as I said all the standard definition presets are Stereo. So all you can do is select to delete empty tracks... at least this will tidy up your Timeline view. You will then have track 1 (which can not be deleted) and track 4 with your video/audio on.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Also, after you have done the "housekeeping" with the Delete Unused Tracks, you can then Rename your Tracks to anything that you want. You could call the Audio "Audio 1," or "AV Audio," which is what I do. Do this after you have cleaned up your Timeline, or you'll be fighting a bit of a battle trying to assign names that are already used.


                              Good luck,



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                                Kreppa Level 1

                                Steve, it seems to go wherever it wants but not Video 1. It depends on how I do it. If I drag it from the clip rack it just goes anywhere! I might have deleted all the unused tracks and be starting with the first clip but as soon as I load it into the timeline it will create its own track and land wherever it feels like it! That could be track 6! If I do it through sceneline, each time I add a new track beyond the first, it just adds a new video/audio track. So if I add 7 clips (of course I can only see the first one in sceneline, they will created 7 individual tracks. they will each butt up against the previous track so sequentially they are fine but that's an awful lot of extra tracks.

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                                  Kreppa Level 1

                                  Mmm... I thought SD didn't normally have 5.1...? I can't understand why it would even be recording in that mode because these little cameras were set up for our work and they would have selected stereo at the most. (Two channel mono if they could but it isn't an option).

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                                    Paul_LS Level 4

                                    Some HDD MPEG2 camcorders are 5.1 audio.


                                    So are you saying that if you drag a clip to the timeline in Timeline Mode and then drag another clip and place it adjacent to the first clip on the same track that it does not stay in the same track but jumps to another????

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                                      Kreppa Level 1

                                      Well, it did last night. I don't know why but it's all going into the same track today (Track 2). I can live with that.


                                      Thanks for all your help guys.