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    Audio issues in Presenter-Is Adobe listening?

    goldengopher Community Member

      With the well documented issues of users who are unable to edit audio files in Presenter or have lost the media.ppcx file for no logical reason, I wonder if Adobe is listening. These are serious, serious issues. With no official response from Adobe (that I have seen) or some kind of work around, I am at a loss to how to sell Presenter to my clients, and not promote other alternatives.


      In the real world, edits to the audio are inevitable. And when I have to resynch 120 animations on 45 slides because of a lost audio file, Adobe is costing me money! If I can't go into a Presenter module and delete a phrase without deleting the entire ppcx file or have edits ignored, why am I using Presenter and not Articulate?  Come on Adobe-I kniow you own the world, but you would own nothing without us. Can I get a word on this issue from someone?

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          cherokeesue Community Member

          I second your statements and applaud them.  Perhaps if our companies began billing Adobe for lost work time based on constantly re-creating audio files, or even reimporting mp3s and re-syncing with animations, someone would pay attention.  We desperately need someone with the authority from Adobe to address and fix this problem of lost audio files.