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    24pa autopulldown - not fixed in 9.0.2 - need workaround

    joshtownsend Level 2

      I moved this from the wishlist to a new thread.


      "In that case, you could perform the same steps but type the pixel dimensions in the search field (just entering "1080" should work).

      No, a workaround is a workaround, not a statement.

      My role is helping users and try to be just one more way of making sure they're heard. Not making statements.

      Please let's keep the wish list thread for that purpose. Feel free to start a new thread about this or any other subject. Just remember that confirming or denying plans is not something I can do."


      This doesn't work. My original problems was this.


      What about the slow motion 720p files that I don't need to do a pulldown on, how can I make sure I'm only selecting the 1080 24pa and not the 720p that don't need it? I search mxf and the all come up mixed together. I can't find a way to do a search and seperate which files need to batch interpreted together. I also have some 480 and 60i footage shot look like news footage in the mix.


      Any other idea's? I edited my movie in Premiere and have split it into 7 reels. None of the AE comps in the Premiere project file carry over and I have to replace everyone of them when I open the premiere project.


      Between that and the 24pa problem. Well it's a pain.


      I'd like to finish the movie in AE but it seems I have to spend hours getting it work.