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    how would i achieve this?

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      Take a look at this site:




      As you can see, depending on which menu item you choose, the menu moves to leave space for the content (if your resolution isnt very BIG).

      i'd like to know how i could achieve that...maybe a hint on what to look for?




      EDIT: if you resize the browser, you can exactly see what i'm talking about. I already did a website with the auto resize liquid layout, but i think thats diferent since it resizes depending on the menu item you choose...

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          There's not really any "secret" to the ever-moving menus on this site. They've obviusly got something like this happening in their on-release event for the menu buttons:


          slideMenuTo(100, 340);



          There's nothing special about the slideMenuTo() command, its just something I made up. There are lots of ways to create a slideMenuTo() function, here's one I wrote:


          _global.slideMenuTo = function(x, y) {
              finalX = x;
              finalY = y;
          onEnterFrame = function () {
              _root.menuContainer._x += (finalX - _root.menuContainer._x) / 10;
              _root.menuContainer._y += (finalY - _root.menuContainer._y) / 10;


          To use this code, put it anywhere in your movie that will cause the onEnterFrame() event to fire each frame. Then put your entire menu inside a MovieClip symbol and place it on the main timeline, and give it the instance name menuContainer.


          You can then use the on-release code above to move the menu to any part of the screen depending on which button is pressed.

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            esco1313 Level 1

            Thanks i will certainly try this. it makes a lot of sense!

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              esco1313 Level 1

              i tried it, and it works. However i'd like to change the easing.. how would i do that?


              P.s.: on the website i've shown earlier, i doubt they use a similar method, because if you resize your browser window for a bigger size, sometimes the menu isnt animated. i guess it depends on where the contents are depending on the menu's position...

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can try adjusting the 10 to another value.  You can also use coded tweens instead which have different easing styles available.

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                  SuperJAG Level 1

                  Yes, Ned Murphy beat me to it.


                  To adjust the behavior based on screen resolution, you can use Stage.height and Stage.width to detect the current size of the movie.


                  EDIT: And your right, the site you linked to has a little bit more happening than the stuff in the code I posted.