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    is it worth the risk to go from ver 8 to ver9!!??


      Hard words OK!!. After have reed the last 50 comments, on problems, combined with the loss of info from Adobe about the new product.

      This is not the first time, and will not be the last, that a new program version "fails out", (Ive been in PC world since 1985).

      My way to handle program problems, is first wait for version 2 then wait 6 months.

      Today the problem is Adobe doesnt give me full info, about versions and time of execution.

      ther have been a lot of historical problems with "Adobe Reader", Im NOT saying they where all made buy Adobe!!!!. Many of them depended on the  companies who used Acrobat to produce documents!. When a new version of Adobe Reader came It all went "NUTS".

      As I have the possibility to use 3  different PCs , I only update one at a time, on all programs!!!!!. As Security!

      To run on ONLY one machine, risky unsafe but if so!!  WAIT ! NEVER DOWNLOAD EARLY, if you like a functioning  machine.


      My advise, keep an old machine going on, in the background even if it will cost you some money.

      Today most of us use a LapTop as primary station, keep your old stationary alive!!

      Just some ideas from an OLD user, take or leave it.

      best wishes



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What you will see in a forum like this is people with problems. That is why we are here. You will not find thousands of people coming here to report that they do not have a problem. Adobe does provide security updates for older products for some time, but not necessarily as quickly as they do for current products. From a security point of view, the current version is generally better. The major advantages of the newer version of Reader to the older version of Reader is that you can use it to view files that use the extra capability that version 9 provides. Personally, I try to create pdfs that will work in the oldest version of Reader possible to maximize the number of viewers and reduce the number of headaches. I'm sure that many others do as well. So you can stick with version 8 if you like, until you get something that requires version 9. However, just remember that problems can and do arise and if you wait until have to have version 9 RIGHT NOW, something can go wrong (as people here have experienced). You may need time that you don't have to straighten out the problem.

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            rolflind@yahoo.com Level 1

            JUST THANKS!!! for the answer, i wait until I see that the BIG  Companys turn to ver 9.

            Im a private, and a supermicrocompany= "Microsoft dont even se us!"

            This adress is PERSONAL!, in companies:

            JEDE/Automat Butiken i Växjö AB,, Teknikutveckling i Sydost AB, and private!.

            Adressen är PERSONLIG adress.

            Nat.tfnr är:  070-246 90 61

            Internat.phone.+46 70 246 90 61