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    Question about composition settings and aspect ratio


      Hi. I have to make a movie in 16:9 format and in PAL.


      As far as I know, 16:9 is the widescreen format. But when I choose 'D1/DV PAL Widescreen' as the preset in Composition Settings it says that the pixel ratio is 640:351 (1,82) - and what on earth is 640:351? I remember that I previously was able to choose a 16:9 pixel ratio format, but now I can only see this 640:351 when I choose widescreen. I have no idea how I get the 16:9 format.


      Another thing I find strange ... the size of the preset is 720x576 pixels - isn't that a little small for a widescreen preset? I imagine that this size will look blurry when shown on an actual widescreen tv. So I try to increase the pixel-size and hope that a bigger size will be the right one (and that the ratio is locked). But when I increase it, the frame aspect ratio goes nuts. At some increased pixel sizes, the frame apsect ratio is again 640:351 as before but somethimes it's 68864:37791 or something like that. What on earth is that?


      Yeah, I am very afraid that I make a whole movie and it looks wrong on the tv screen in the end. I know that it has to be 16:9 but I don't know how to choose that. And I know it has to be shown on a screen that is HD 1080p resolution and therefore I am afraid that the preset of 720x576 pixels is too small.


      I really hope you can help me in the right direction!