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    Is there a pratical size limit for an Air application window?


      I'm brand new to creating Air applications. I started to design a utility in Flash CS4 for my own use. I had originally intended for it to be a simple SWF, but decided to make an Air app as an experiment, and to perhaps share it with others in the future.


      Basically, the application allows the use to drag-resize a box to measure the pixel dimensions of an area onscreen (photo, Windows window, etc.) I wanted to allow it to be resized to any dimensions up to the size of the screen. The chrome is custom and mostly transparent with some alpha for the box to overlay on whatever you're measuring. However, I've run into a few problems, the primary one being that I cannot set the app to run maximized to the screen size and allow any graphics to extend beyond the dimensions of the stage in the source FLA (it all gets clipped at the edges of the stage). I decided to forget about this and just set a maximum size of the stage. So, what was originally a box that you could stretch out to any dimensions, can now only be resized to the upper limit I set (preferrably 1600px X 900px).


      Annoyingly, I've found that any stage size in the source FLA beyond 1500px X 850px causes the Air app to respond very slowly. At sizes below that, the app responds very quickly, as if it were a windowed SWF. My question is, is there a practical upper limit to the size of an Air app window? I mean, if I have an Air app with a window size of 1500px X 850px that can be resized without any perceived lag, why does the window resizing slow down so dramatically by just increasing those dimensions by 1px?

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          Harkonenn Level 1

          I'd like to add to this by noting another slow down I'm experiencing. After making changes to my source FLA and then publishing the new Air app, it's very slow on the first run after installation. Quitting the Air app and then starting it again alleviates this unresponsiveness.


          Why does this happen and does it relate in any way to my previous problem?

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            Jeff Swartz Level 3

            These factors that determine the minimum and maximum width and height of a window:


            • The minimum and maximum operating system limits, which are the values of the systemMinSize and systemMaxSize properties of the        NativeWindow object
            • The maximum width and height of a window in Adobe AIR, which are each 2880 pixels
            • The minimum width and height required by any displayed system chrome
            • The minSize and maxSize properties of the NativeWindow object


            I cannot address the performance problems you are experiencing. I hope someone else can comment.

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              Harkonenn Level 1

              @Jeff - Thanks for the helpful info!


              I did some further testing and discovered that the performance issue I'm experiencing is related to other running applications and/or Windows services which have normal to high priority. For example, when running my Air app and Winamp at the same time, performance of the Air app seriously degrades for me if Winamp's priority class is set to "normal." However, with this setting at "idle" my Air app becomes very responsive.


              This leads me to another question: Can I build the Air application in such a way as to give it higher priority access to CPU cycles and/or resources?