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    arrrghh! Running Ant  with Flexbuilder 3 in OSX

    jbach2 Level 1


      Hoping someone might help.


      Trying to get Ant task running properly.


      I know there are 2 main issues.

      The first is  creating a new symbolic link so that the path to the Flex builder install resolves correctly


      http://visualrinse.com/2009/04/27/using-apache-ant-with-flexbuilder-3-on-mac-osx-some-work arounds/


      The second issue is an out of memory error when running my task...





      The problem is in  my install of Flexbuilder, there is NO arguments window in the External Tools/JRE popup, just a variables button.

      (see attached)


      This is different from my install (on a PC) at work.


      Can someone help me resolve this???