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    When are Adobe going to really support Linux?

    Ronny Simonsen

      First of all i have to mention that this forum is the first forum that doesnt support Opera Webbrowser. I'm writing in more than 10 different forum-sites and i have never had any problem posting messages except now on Adobe forums.


      Flash has become an international standard for video and sound-media in web-pages. Allmost everything that share web-pages have Flash on their pages, Not everybody in the world use Windows and not everybody in the world use Internet Explorer.

      I was very glad when Adobe say they will really start to support Linux with Flash 10 since the earlier version 8 and 9 was crap on Linux.

      But its still not good. Flash on Linux eat up almost all available memory og suck 90% CPU. If i diable Flash the i have no problems.

      This happens the same on different Linux distro and on different web-browsers.


      This is not good enough!


      Are Adobe going to start to really support Linux or do Adobe just doesnt care?

      Even Microsoft have startet to support Silverlight on Linux, but it took several years for Adobe to think in these ways!

      Its better for us to know if Adobe want to support us or not. Then its easier for us to deside if we are going to support Adobe. There is still no planse for Photoshop CS for Linux and this meen Adobe really dont care to much!



      Best regard


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          RossRitchey Level 4

          1. Flashplayer 10 has CPU usage issues on Windows and Mac as well as Linux.  Look around the bug base and forums and you will discover that this is a widespread issue with player 10.


          2. Not that I don't agree with you, but what percentage of the worlds computers are running Linux? Less than Mac, which is small but growing.  I honestly don't see any company giving "real" support to Linux as a top priority when Linux users represent such a small percentage of the user-base.


          I do feel that Linux, Mac and Windows should all get "real" support for everything, not to mention the various other OSes out there.  I think the problem is one of percentages, and the cost-of-supporting a small minority of the users, especially when they are working out so many problems on their main platforms.


          Though, to be fair, Adobe has drastically increased support for Linux users.  At least with player 10, it was released on all OSes simultaneously, with equal performance and abilities on all.  Sure, that performance has some problems, and needs improved, but that is "real" support.  Unlike player 7, 8, and 9 - which all came out on Linux more than a year after Mac and Windows (if memory serves me right).


          As for the Creative Suite, who knows what is going on with that.  Let them fix up the Mac and Windows versions first, and then they can focus on making it true cross-platform software.


          It also surprises me that you can't browse this site with Opera, considering Opera is a reskinned IE..... Chrome works without problems.