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    Attaching a File to Your Post? Please See

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      If you are attaching a file to your post, you might want to consider the three ways to do it.


      1.) if it’s an image file (JPEG, etc.) use the little "camera" icon in the middle of the toolbar, above the editing screen. This will place the image in the post, and a user can click on it to expand slightly. This bypasses the queue.


      2.) if it’s a video file, use the little "clapper/slate" icon, just above the "camera" icon. This places your file in the post and allows a user to play the file. This bypasses the queue.


      3.) if you have a .txt, .XML, etc. file, use the "Attach File" at the bottom left of your editing window. This will place a link to that file in the post, and will put it into queue. This is necessary, as these files must pass security.


      Read the restrictions on file sizes and formats. Also read the instructions on how your file might appear, especially down thread.


      The locations are predicated on my IE 7 setup, so there could be differences with browsers.