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    overflow: hidden to body prevents window.scrollto from working in app




      I've recently been working on a project which uses Adobe Air as the runtime for a University campus digital yearbook project.


      I've run into a problem I can't seem to fix.  At the moment, there is this "auto scrolling" script which is supposed to scroll the window when the javascript detects that the mouse is near the edge of the screen.  As a result of this script, I also hide the scrollbars in the body with an overflow: hidden; property in the css.


      The script works fine in Safari and Firefox but when it's exported as an Adobe Air application it seems that the overflow: hidden; property is intefering with the script and preventing the window.scrollTo function from working.  When I remove the overflow: hidden; property then the window.scrollTo function works fine again.


      Does anyone know what might be wrong?  Any ideas for a solution?