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    Secuirty warning while accessing local server


      As I stated in another post, I am a software developer with 14+ years experence in desktop application development and a bit of web development.  I am learning Flash rather than Flex because that is the environment I own.


      I am trying to run my first real Flash/AS3 movie and in it, it tries to access a local Apache server with this call:


      new URLRequest( "http://localhost:8042/backend.php");


      When I run it in the debugger, I get the security message seen in the first screen shot. I went to the Settings and added localhost, see the second screen shot, but the security message continues to occur, even after rebooting the machine. 


      How do I test/debug this code and allow it to get the data from the local web server?  This is really critical because I am ultimately going to be developing a RIA that gets all its data from this web server.