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    Just a bit frustrated


      I think that this is the program that I need to do what I want, however I tried to download the trial version to confirm that.

      When I try and open it I get a message that the trial period is up. I thought it was susposed to be for 30 days not less than an hour.

      I called and the only help was in India and the only solution was to reload it via the internet.

      I have a very limited time frame to test this and of course no one is home until monday.

      Does anyone have a solution on how to test this?

      I am using XP Pro.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Let me make sure that I understand what you have done.


          You downloaded the trial version of PE7 from Adobe's Web site. You then Extracted this archived file, including the entire folder structure, onto your HDD. You launched the executable (something like setup.exe), and at this point you got an error saying that the trial had expired? Is this correct?


          Now, a couple of questions:


          Has this computer ever had a trial of PE7- ever? Did you shut down all anti-virus, spyware and pop-up blockers?


          Good luck, and please report with your answers,



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            hwaynew Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.

            This is a used computer so I don't know if has ever had a trial version on it.

            All anti virus, spyware & pop up blockers have been disabled.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The error that you are getting always comes up, if there was a trial version installed at some time. Now, I cannot say that that would be the ONLY reason for the error message. I also do not know if maybe a trial version, of say Adobe Premiere Pro would have the same effect, or not. I've never installed a trial version of Adobe software, and I've been using it for almost 20 years.


              What happens with a trial version is that a few bytes of data are written to the boot-sector of the HDD. You cannot see these. You cannot touch these. When one goes to install another trial, the installer reads these. If they are there - shut down with the exact error message you got.


              The reason for this is that some folk would just re-install the trial every 30 days, and never buy a copy from Adobe. The reason that these bytes are where they are and totally hidden is that people would edit them and re-install every 30 days.


              Now, there is one way to get around this. If one is doing it to allow them to reinstall the trial, it would be illegal, as per the license in the trial. It is also time-consuming and requires some computer expertise. If YOU have never downloaded an installed a trial version of PE (remember the legality of that license with the trial - very, very important), you can make a full backup of your entire system and then do a low-level format of your hard drive. This takes it back to the state that it was shipped in. You then need to use fdisk to set it up for an OS and formattting. You then format the disk, and re-install Windows, setting it up appropriately. You then restore from your full system backup. Now, you can install the trial, and it will install. You could do the same with only some of the work, by purchasing and installing a new HDD. You'd still need to format and install Windows, plus the rest of your backup, but would not need to do the low-level formatting. To be honest, it would be more cost-effective for me to just buy a copy. My time to do so would be far greater in value than even the price of the PrPro Master Collection. If you buy direct from Adobe, they offer a 30-day, money back satisfaction guarantee. If you buy from a reseller, there may be some stipulations or limitations - check those out on the Adobe Web site.


              Whatever you do, remember the legality of that action, based on the license for the trial. If the previous owner had one installed, the above is your only course, short of calling Adobe's TS. Remember, they do not offer much support for trail versions of their software. One is pretty much on their own, until they buy a copy.


              Good luck,