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    Edit Flash Skins


      We are having a problem with our skin in the button placement. When we edit the skin it looks fine but once you generate a project with Robohelp 7 the buttons are all messed up some sitting on top of another one. We are using the Flash help default skin and we placed our logo on the left top then moved the buttons right. I was looking around on editing a skin and found the Flash help SDK floder. Under that folder it has a pdf file named Using FlashHelp SDK  well within this document it talks about the FlashHelpExt.mxp file well that file is no where on the cd or under the folders within Robohelp but in the document it says Robohelp 6.0. This file installs into flash and i'm thinking it could fix our problem. Does anyone know where to get this file, or why it did not come with Robohelp 7?


      I have also looked around and haven't found anything that controls the placement of the buttons on the skin.