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    Multi Camera Quirk

    Keano66 Level 1

      I have just been editing with a 4 camera multi cam sequence.  I made some edits (eg from Camera 1 to Camera 4) which I ultimately did not like. Therefore, I went back to my previous Camera 1 edit, pressed play and then using the number pad cut to the preferred choice of camera 3 (and not camera 4 as before) . Normally what would have happened in previous versions would be that the selected camera, in this case camera 3 would then be highlighted in the multicam window and carry on being recorded until I changed cameras.  Now what I find is happening is that when I have selected camera 3, it will automatically change back to camera 4 - which was the previous unwanted edit.  This only occurs when I am in recording mode in the multicam window - that is, when I have finished recording, then the timeline will then show the correct camera. Anybody else seen this?


      Quad Core

      Nvidia geforce 8600 GT

      Vista Ultimate Service Pack 2