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    Output the same size as the cropped video - to Quicktime

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      I have cropoped and resized my video and want to export it to quicktime the same as the cropped size.


      I have tried to follow the instructions at this link, using the Crop button. I followed the instructions:  "To crop the image interactively, drag the sides or corner handles of the crop box around the source image."




      However, I don't see the "Change Output Size to automatically set the frame height and frame width of the output to the height and width of the cropped frame".  Using CS4 and exporting to quicktime 32 bit export.


      So instead of doing the crop it is exporting it at 1440 x 1080.


      Is it possible to crop and export to Quicktime?












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          rowby Level 1

          To further explain --


          THe crop setting in the Export Setting dialog box gives me two drop down options:

          Scale to fit

          Black Borders

          "Change Output Size" is greyed out -- even though I have the image cropped in the Export Settings "Source" tab.


          Exporting to Quicktime/Animation/32 bit 


          And in the Export Settings Video settings the width remains at the source's 1440, 1080. The "Constrain width and height" button is unchecked.  Aspect is set for D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16.9.....