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    Problem CC Sphere in 3D comp with Camera Mouvement

    yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

      Ok, i'm in a composition with layers spread in z-space.


      I've got a rounded aquarium, semi transparent, and i want the layers behind it to be deformed as if the aquarium was an actual sphere.


      So i've setup an adjustement layer with a CC sphere effect on it, put the adjustement layer in 3D space just behind the aquarium layer.


      Now i've got every layer behind the aquarium deformed, and it works exactly as expected. But...


      if i move the camera everything become messy. The CC-Sphere stays at the same since as if it was not on a 3D layer. It always stays attached to it's offset point, even when i rotate the camera.


      I've been looking at expressions but i'm not that good when linking 2D to 3D values with a camera. The camera does a really subtle truck-in with really light wiggle on it's rotation paramters, just to add a little life into the scenery.


      Any ideas guys (and gals ) ?